Activating women donors, electing women candidates


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Women in Maryland are 52% of the population, but only:

  • 38% of the Maryland House of Delegates (72 of the 188 members)

  • 32% of the Maryland Senate (15 of the 47 members)

  • 0% of US Senators and Representatives from Maryland

  • 0% of statewide elected executive office

Women in Baltimore City are 53% of the population, but only:

  • 28% of the City Council members (4 of the 14 city council members)

     Women in Baltimore County are 52% of the population, but only:

  • 14% of the County Council members (one of the 7 council members)

Baltimore Women United For Action PAC is a women- lead political action committee with the purpose of changing this dynamic, by activating women as donors and supporting women candidates.