Activating women donors, electing women candidates

Endorsement Criteria


As a stronghold of Maryland politics, Baltimore women have the great opportunity to leverage progressive women candidates in a catalytic & dynamic way.


Baltimore Women United for Action aims to support the strongest candidates who will make a difference for women. We will support candidates who:

●     Advocate for the interests of Baltimore City, County, and Maryland residents and families.

●     Connect  through a broad approach leveraging shared interests across the state.

●     Get results with smart, creative, and effective solutions to urgent issues

Additional endorsement scoring priority will be given to those candidates who

●     Have a proven track record of working with a diversity of leaders and community members to get things done

●     Run an effective campaign in a competitive environment.

●     Score well on our endorsement questionnaire. Questionnaires and interviews will include substantive policy related to progressive answers to the following issues:

○     Economic justice, including equal pay, increasing minimum wage, etc. 

○     Racial justice

○     Public education

○     Public safety and criminal justice

○     Health care

Priority is given to women candidates, especially those from underrepresented communities. We seek diversity in race, religion, sexuality, and disability.

Once in office, Baltimore Women United for Action will continue to support our candidates to encourage a continued commitment to advocate for equality and justice for all women.

Questionnaires will be sent out to candidates, interviews will take place, and points will determine endorsement.